Equissage Pulse Performance and Health Benefits

Equissage Pulse is safe, easy to use, natural, non-aggressive and non-invasive. The CVT technology has been positively tested and developed over a number of years across a multitude of disciplines and widely used worldwide. The benefits to both Health and Performance have to be experienced yourself and it is also why so many professionals choose to use Equissage Pulse
Through increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscles whilst providing passive exercise to Improve nerve muscle communication Equissage Pulse may help to Improve, amongst others, the following health Issues:-

  • Joint Mobility
  • Local Blood Circulation
  • Venous Drainage
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Sore and Cold Backs
  • Fibinogen Vertebrae Problems
  • Pulled Ligaments
  • Laminitis
  • Kissing Spines

Whilst initially some minor health Issues will lead to obvious decline in performance Equissage Pulse should be used regularly alongside your exercise programme. Initially Equissage can immediately provide help in pre-warm up and cool down. Performance improvements have included so many variations through discipline and level of horse however these Improvements include:-

  • Stride Length
  • Hock Angle
  • Speed of Stride

Every horse and rider has individual tailored needs. To experience how Equissage Pulse can help you and your horse you should arrange a completely free, no obligation therapy session. The advisor can help identify which settings should be used, how often and where on the horse the therapy will provide the best benefit after understanding your requirements

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Learn about the benefits for horses performance and health achieved by using Equissage Pulse circulatory massage therapy products.